Zabel Companies ("Zabel") is a private investment firm dedicated to partnering with management teams to invest in and build private companies over the long-term (5 to 15 years). Whether through a buyout, recapitalization or injection of growth capital, Zabel's strategy is to work closely with management to steadily grow businesses and to build value for all parties involved.

Zabel does not limit its activity by industry or geography, but rather focuses on the fit with management and the opportunities to grow a business.

The Zabel team has a hands-on and collaborative style built through years of working in close partnership with management teams and owners and delivering value-added resources to lower middle market companies. In addition to providing flexible capital to meet each company's unique needs, we function as a pool of resources on which our partners can draw to accelerate their growth and build stronger, more stable businesses.

If you feel Zabel may be a fit for you or your business, please give us a call (Bill at  704-973-9934, Rich at 704-973-9938 or Brian at 980-202-6665), or continue to explore our website further.  Download our summary overview for more information as well.