Zabel targets private businesses with good management teams that are interested in identifying a partner to help grow their business over the long term. We provide:

  • liquidity for existing shareholders
  • capital for growth
  • and an ownership opportunity for management team members.

After closing a transaction, Zabel functions as a pool of resources on which a management team can draw. Rather than showing up with a new playbook, we work closely with the team to develop short and long term plans. Our role tends to vary with each company's unique needs and often includes: entering new markets, expanding and structuring sales strategies, recruiting new members to supplement the existing team, acquiring competitors or unique product lines or services, managing financing relationships and implementing more robust business analytics.

Our goal is ensuring long-term stability and driving the success of the businesses in which we invest both during our involvement and after. While we are responsive and can act quickly, we always want to understand the short and long term impacts of our decisions.

Importantly, we also know when and how to get out of the way!