Zabel invests in private businesses with the goal of growing them over time. When we are introduced to an opportunity, our goal is to learn as much as we are able as quickly as possible. We usually begin with a call with the management team where we seek to understand the company's past, present and future challenges and opportunities, what has driven the company's historical success, industry trends, competition, and the goals of the management team.

We invest significant time upfront to be respectful of the management team's time. If the investment appears to be a good fit for both management and Zabel, we typically schedule a meeting with the management team to get to know each other and to dig deeper into the business.

Following our visit, and assuming all parties continue to be excited about a potential partnership, our goal is to get to an offer as quickly as possible. If we are able to agree upon a transaction that meets all of the stakeholders' objectives, we would enter a period of exclusivity and due diligence would commence.

...Our goal is to be good partners throughout the process, from start to finish ...

During due diligence, we are highly respectful of everyone's time and are focused on running a non-disruptive and transparent process. This results in our minimizing the use of third parties and maximizing our involvement. Our focus and unique approach to businesses and due diligence enables us to close transactions professionally and quickly.

If you are looking for a partner in your business, we would like to speak with you.